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Metal can tarnish over time.  To remove surface oxides and discolouration, use a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth and a product such as Silvo and rub gently. Both are available from supermarkets. Cheree advises against using silver dip, which can damage some gemstones.  Rinse in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. 

Gemstones, except opals, pearls, and emeralds, as these are porous, can be cleaned at home by soaking for a short time in a bowl of warm water with a mild liquid detergent. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to gently clean over the surface in and behind any stone settings. Avoid harder bristled brushes or new toothbrushes as these can leave scratches on the surface of the metal. Rinse under running water and use a soft cloth to dry the jewellery.
Pearls can be cleaned using a very mild detergent, water solution, and a soft cloth. Avoid chemicals or strong soapy cleaners and abrasive materials; do not leave the pearls to soak. When clean, allow your pearls to air dry.  Opal and emerald jewellery are best returned to a jeweller for correct cleaning.  
Cheree can give your pieces a professional clean and polish for a fee.  This can remove deep scratches, and rhodium can be reapplied to white gold.  If you are unsure how to clean your jewellery, you are welcome to contact Cheree for advice.

AfterlightImage 2.jpg

18ct white gold ring, before cleaning and polishing  

After the removal of scratches, a polish & rhodium plating


Always store your jewellery individually in the packaging it came in or a jewellery box to avoid tangled chains and tarnishing.
Check your jewellery regularly for wear and tear.  Check that the stone setting and necklace clasps are still secure.


Avoid wearing your jewellery in water or while doing an activity that might cause it to be scratched or damaged.  It is best to remove jewellery before sleeping.   Pearl and opal jewellery should be the final thing you put on – after you have dressed, styled your hair, and applied your make-up. Avoid wearing pearl and opal jewellery when bathing, and allow all creams to soak in and perfumes to dry before putting on any pearl or opal jewellery.  When you remove your pearl and opal jewellery, wipe it with a lint-free cloth to remove any surface dirt.

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